Staff photo of Jim Kennedy

Jim Kennedy

Owner - Louisbourg Seafoods Ltd.

Jim and Lori have been in the fishing industry for over 30 years. Together, they started the business in 1984. They have many contacts in the industry and have grown the business from nothing to a multi-million dollar a year company. They have that true entrepreneurial spirit and thrive on always moving forward.
Staff photo of Lori Kennedy

Lori Kennedy


Jim and Lori have been in the fishing industry for over 30 years. Together, they started the business in 1984. They have many contacts in the industry and have grown the business from nothing to a multi-million dollar a year company. They have that true entrepreneurial spirit and thrive on always moving forward.
Staff photo of Allan MacLean

Allan MacLean

Senior Operations Manager

Allan MacLean grew up in a fishing family in Cape Dauphin, Cape Breton. He fished commercially after graduating high school and before starting his career at the Department of Fisheries in 1983. Allan finished his career at DFO as the Director General of the Conservation and Protection Program in 2016. After giving retirement a try, he accepted the role of Senior Operations Manager with Louisbourg Seafoods in 2017
Staff photo of Derrick Kennedy

Derrick Kennedy

Senior Coordinator and Sales

Derrick Kennedy has over 30 years experience in the fishing industry and seafood processing field. He has been manager at Louisbourg Seafoods for over 10 years and has many years of experience in marketing and sales. He has a great deal of experience in quality control, HACCP, QMP, data collection, and quota acquisition.
Staff photo of Jan Voutier

Jan Voutier

Manager - Ka'Le Bay Seafoods Ltd.

Jan Voutier has over 25 years of experience in the fishing industry. He brings a diverse background of experience in sales, marketing, product development, plant management, and procurement. Jan has worked with National Sea Products in the past and has worked in shellfish, saltfish, and groundfish throughout his career.
Staff photo of Paul Dalziel

Paul Dalziel

Maintenance Manager

Paul Dalziel has over 25 years experience in all aspects of the fishing industry and has worked with J.K. Marine Services and Louisbourg Seafoods for about 20 years. A licenced tradesman, Paul is considered the hardest working member of the team. Paul has a wealth of experience in many aspects.
Staff photo of Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor

Manager - Northsyde Processing Ltd.

Steve Taylor was born and raised in Sydney. Steve has worked as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic since 1989, he has worked with the fishing industry in various ways over the course of his career. He began doing work with Louisbourg Seafoods in 2000, and continued to do so when he started his own company Taylor Marine and Commercial Repair. He was offered the job of Plant Manager of Northsyde Processing in 2015, and has been with the company full-time since then.
Staff photo of John Percy

John Percy

Plant Manager-Louisbourg Seafoods

John Percy hails from Brigus, Newfoundland, where he grew up in a fishing family. He has been in the industry for 35 years. He started out as a commercial fishermen, along with his two brothers. You could say it's a family affair, as his wife has also worked in the fishery her whole life. John has had many roles in the fishery; commercial fishermen, quality control in a processing plant, plant manager, seafood instructor for a university. In 2015 he came to Louisbourg Seafoods as an advisor. In 2018 he accepted the position of plant manager at Louisbourg Seafoods.
Staff photo of Dave Cormier

Dave Cormier

Plant Manager, Canso Seafoods Ltd.

In June of 2011, Dave moved his family from Sydney, Nova Scotia to the town of Canso.  Dave’s background was extensive in the area of Sales Management of industrial Cape Breton.  While having little experience in the fishing industry, Dave took on the challenge of operating Canso Seafoods Ltd. in his vision of seeing the successful growth for the community and the plant.  Hard work and dedication is what Dave feels are his best credentials to bring to the Louisbourg Team.
Staff photo of Peter Cameron

Peter Cameron


Peter joined the Louisbourg Seafoods team in 2015, after serving as a CFO for Schwartz Furniture and New Dawn Enterprises. Peter obtained his Masters of Business Administration from St. Mary's University in 1996, and became a Chartered Accountant in 1999.
Staff photo of Debbie MacIntrye

Debbie MacIntrye

Office Manager

Bio coming soon
Staff photo of Scott Samson

Scott Samson

Manager of Aquaculture and Innovation

Scott Samson graduated from Dalhousie Agricultural Campus with a Bachelor of Science in Aquaculture. He worked for 9 years working for the Canadian Coast Guard. He joined Louisbourg Seafoods as a Project Developer/Biologist. Scott has over 16 yrs experience in the fisheries/oceans sector.
Staff photo of Damien Barry

Damien Barry

General Counsel

Damien grew up in County Clare on the west coast of Ireland. He moved to Cape Breton in 2013 after having lived and worked in the USA, England, Hong Kong and Ireland. Damien graduated from the National University of Ireland Law School in 2006 and was called to the Nova Scotia Bar in 2014. Prior to taking up his present role of General Counsel with Louisbourg Seafoods in December of 2018, he worked with a leading Cape Breton Law Firm.
Staff photo of Michael Moore

Michael Moore

Manager Cape Breton BiValve Inc

Michael was born and raised in Sydney, N.S. A graduate of Dalhousie University, Michael has worked as a business development manager and in project delivery for the past 10 years, with a focus on marine related developments. Joining Louisbourg Seafoods in the spring of 2019, he is the Manager of Cape Breton Bivalve, Louisbourg Seafoods’ aquaculture farm located in St. Ann’s Cape Breton. Michael also works as a part of Louisbourg Seafoods project delivery team.
Staff photo of Shaowei Xu(Shawn)

Shaowei Xu(Shawn)

Sales Manager 日本語でおk

Shaowei Xu grew up in Kunshan, a city next to Shanghai in China. Shaowei moved to Cape Breton in 2018 and obtained his Master’s in Business Administration in Community Economic Development (MBA in CED) from Cape Breton University. Before working as the sales manager in Louisbourg Seafoods Ltd, Shaowei was an entrepreneur and small business owner based in Nova Scotia. Shaowei excels at developing and maintaining relationships with customers and businesses around the world. His extensive international network allows him to solve problems and come up with innovative solutions for his clients.
Staff photo of Garry Simms

Garry Simms

Health and Safety Manager

Garry grew up in Newfoundland and started working in the fishing industry at an early age. He held many supervisory roles with NSP until the collapse of the ground fishery in 1992. Garry changed careers and for several years worked in the oil & gas industry finishing as the Health, Safety Environmental Manager for the West Africa region. He started with Louisbourg Seafoods Ltd four years ago in retail fish sales. Garry accepted the role of Health & Safety Manager for all divisions of Louisbourg Seafoods Ltd in April 2020.