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Louisbourg Seafoods is a family operated seafood business. James Nathen Kennedy and his wife Lori started their company in 1984.

Former National Sea workers and Jim a former fisherman, both have deep family roots dating back hundreds of years to Newfoundland and St. Pierre & Miquelon, France. This rich history and experience passed down from generation to generation gives the company inherent knowledge in producing a seafood product with superior quality and excellence.

Family and community are our core company foundations transferred from hundreds of years in culture and tradition. Currently, both Jim, Lori, and three of their six children work together in the family business. Activities such as supporting our youth with school programs, partnerships with Cape Breton University in pursuit of knowledge, and working with all communities including our First Nations validate our family-community relationships – just one of our many company values.

Certifications & Awards

Superior Taste Award
Superior Taste Award The Superior Taste Award label is a powerful marketing tool that is used to communicate about the products and the company's success, in both domestically and internationally. Its visibility of the label brings an immediate differentiation amongs the vast product choices on the marketplace and reassures consumers in their buying decision.
British Retail Consortium
British Retail Consortium The range of BRC standards are aimed at various sectors within the food and consumer products supply chain and all of the standards incorporate senior management commitment, risk assessment, hazard analysis, quality management and good manufacturing practices.
Marine Stewardship Council
Marine Stewardship Council For 20 years the Marine Stewardship Council has been part of a team effort to keep oceans healthy and full of life. Choose the blue fish label and make sure the fish you eat can be traced back to a sustainable source.
WEConnect International
WEConnect International WEConnect International is a global network that connects women-owned businesses to qualified buyers around the world.
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